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News + Tips

Winter's back, get your snowblower out!

In preparation for snow season, make sure your snow blower is in good running order, especially the belt, sheaves and idler. If you need a replacement belt, refer to the Fargo Belt Finder©plus, you can also purchase sheaves from us.

We stronly recommend that you always have a spare belt on hand. If your belt snaps due to an overworked snow blower, or improper storage causes it to dry out, a spare belt will come in handy.

Don't get snowed under this winter, shop online for belts and sheaves at Fargo Industrial Supply.

Doing it yourself can save money and time. Fargo shows you how to save both.

A few helpful tips to help you save time identifying and changing replacement parts:
  1. As you dismantle a machine, take pictures with your cellphone.
    If you have trouble putting the machine back together, reviewing the images in reverse order could help reduce your frustration.

  2. If you're replacing a belt, measure it carefully.
    Note the belt outer circumference, its width, and the inner circumference (if it's a v-belt)

  3. Make a note of markings on the old parts.
    Are there any printed or engraved letters or numbers on the part? What colour is it? What material does it appear to be made from?

  4. Estimate the age and note the condition of the old part.
    Does the belt appear stretched or ragged, or does the bearing show signs of uneven wear? These observations could be an indication that an improper size was previously installed.

  5. If you don't have the original manufacturers manual, try to find it online.
    There are many websites dedicated to storing manuals. Hobby sites run by enthusiasts are often a great source of information, especially for old or obsolete equipment. It may take a while to find what you need, so happy hunting!

Shop online and save money with Fargo Industrial Supply.

To be frank, no purchase minimum is the new norm.

You asked, we answered!

We've waived the purchase minimum amount when you shop online at shop.fargoindustrial.ca. Now, you only buy what you need, when you need it. Same great low prices, now with no purchase minimum.

It's that simple.

Shop online today at Fargo Industrial Supply.

We're stripping down for winter (our prices, that is).

Until December 31, 2015 there's no minimum amount needed for purchases made online. Stock up on belts for your snow machine and take advantage of our great prices. Shop with Fargo online, you won't be disappointed.

Access the link to shop online for belts at Fargo Industrial Supply. Hurry. This promotion ends December 31, 2015.

Belts. Belts. Belts. And even more belts.

We've updated our online shopping site with an impressive line-up of over 45,000 belts. Deep selection, excellent quality and competitive rates. When you shop with Fargo online, you won't have far to go to find the belt you need (see what we did there).

Access the link to shop online for belts at Fargo Industrial Supply. Try us!

New Year deals from Fargo Industrial.

We're offering you two GREAT New Year deals until February 14, 2015:
  • Take $30 off your order of $150.00 or more. Use coupon code 30DollarsOff at checkout
  • Take 30% off your order of $200.00 or more. Use coupon code 30PercentOff at checkout

It's that simple.

Use the Fargo Belt Finder© to speed up your research. Try us!

The Fargo Belt Finder© is here.

Great news! The brand new Fargo Belt Finder© is here!
Now you can search online for lawn, garden and snow blower belts by brand name, model number or belt dimensions.

It's that simple.

Try the Fargo Belt Finder© today at Fargo Industrial Supply.

The skinny on belts.

I recently popped in to see Earl, and as usual he was being loopy, but this time it was about belts. It seemed that some of Earl's belts were underperforming. The more Earl's belts sagged during use, the more he was starting to feel, well 'exposed'. It was a golden opportunity for me to help my favourite client understand how things work and improve his shop's overall performance. Here's the skinny on what I told him.

A belt drive, in its simplest form, consists of a belt and at least two fixed pulleys to transmit motion. Industrial belts are made from rubber or other flexible material that can deliver sustained high power at high speeds. Here are a few other belt basics:
  • V-belts derive their name from their flat-bottom 'vee' shape. A continuous belt, it runs in a v-shaped sheave and two or more belts can be used together to increase a load's carrying power. While they transfer torque effectively, V-belts can lose speed as the belt stretches under repeated use. Common V-belt types are A-belts and B-belts which have a top width of 1/2'' and 5/8'' respectively.
  • A timing belt has moulded teeth (or 'pitch') on its inner surface. When the belt is correctly adjusted ('tensioned') the pitch prevents the belt from slipping and thus correctly manages the index (the belt's timing) along with maintaining constant speed in the application. Timing belts are also known as cog or synchronous belts.

Fargo offers a wide range of V-belts and timing belts for all uses and applications. In fact, we can find just about any belt, so long as it's not for your waist. Try us first!

Access the link to shop online for belts at Fargo Industrial Supply.

No more jokes about losing your bearings. You found us.

Earl called me the other day in a fit state. It seems he'd removed a HUGE pile of bearings from their boxes (for what reason, well, we never quite got to that), but now he couldn't figure out how to put them back into the correct boxes for storage. We decided to start by separating the bearings by their appearance, and we did so, I gave Earl an overview of how each bearing might be used:
  • Ball bearings are frequently used, generally small, and typically have a low weight capacity. These are commonly found in skateboards, ATVs, and clothes dryers.
  • Roller bearings, best suited for radial loads, carry heavy loads and contain rollers instead of balls to better distribute more weight over a larger bearing area.
  • Needle bearings are a type of roller bearing containing small diameter rollers making it ideal for small applications such as compressors.
  • Ball thrust bearingsare for thrust loads in low-speed lower-weight applications. Think stereo turntables and the Lazy Susan in the kitchen cupboard.
  • Roller thrust bearings can support comparatively large amounts of thrust load. They're often found in auto transmissions where they're used to support gears.
  • Tapered roller bearings are designed to handle large radial thrust loads; look for these hard-working bearings in car hubs, construction and farm equipment and engine motors.
Earl was so fascinated by all those bearings, I gave him a copy of Fargo's Ball Bearing Construction Reference Guide and he promised to refer to it often.

Contact Fargo Industrial Supply - we can help you find your bearings.

Keep an O-Ring Kit in your Toolbox.

Have you ever driven around town on a rainy Sunday night looking for an open hardware store because you need an o-ring? How 'bout this scenario? You pull out from a servicing job when you realize you need One. Single. O-Ring. Ugh! Talk about lost time, money and frustration!

That's why at Fargo, we suggest every shop and home have an o-ring kit that contains a variety of commonly-used sizes. A cost-effective o-ring kit is a great way to ensure you have a selection handy in case of an emergency. With an o-ring kit, you'll never get stuck without that all-important little rubber ring, and having a few extras within easy reach could save you a LOT of headaches in the future.

Buy your imperial and metric o-ring kits in BUNA or Viton from Fargo Industrial Supply.

Summertime is patio season - Fargo Style.

With summer finally here, what could be better than sitting on an outdoor patio, sipping a cool drink, and browsing the Unitool summer catalogue?

If your Father's Day present didn't go over so well (either the gift you gave or the one you received), a few Unitool products could be just what you need to make it right. Fargo Industrial Supply is an authorized distributor of Unitool and Viva Tool products, and we offer free shipping on orders of $35 or more received by June 28, 2013.

Act now, Unitool Summer catalogue prices are in effect until August, 30, 2013.

Contact Fargo Industrial Supply and don't miss out!

It's spring - that time of year to show your machinery a little TLC.

With the hectic New Year activities behind us, now is a good time to focus on creating a spring maintenance plan:
  • Do you replace your equipment parts before they show signs of wear and tear?
  • Do you know how your equipment is impacted by cold, dirt, or salt conditions?
  • Do you know how to keep your equipment running smoothly after winter is over?
If you answered 'no' to any of the above questions, then you need a spring maintenance plan! A plan is an important part of keeping your shop, equipment, and parts operating smoothly. A good plan will help you anticipate your future needs and help you avoid costly breakdowns and outages. At Fargo Industrial Supply, we offer a consultation service to help you explore your current maintenance challenges and future needs. Together we can define a plan that's right for you. Best of all, our consultation service is available to you without obligation or cost.

Don't delay, contact Fargo Industrial today to set up an appointment.

The Night Fargo Saved Earl's Christmas.

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the factory
No conveyors were running, it unsatisfactory.
The belts were hung in the store room with care
Just a matter of time before the old ones would wear.

The workers were huddled, no ideas in their heads,
They just wanted to get home and get into their beds.
And Earl with his tool belt and cell phone in hand,
Thought very carefully and came up with a plan.

When down on the floor there arose such a clatter,
Upper management came down to see what was the matter.
Away to a corner Earl ran flew like a flash,
Tore open his cell and dialled with a dash.

With his phone pushed to his ear, he waited for a reply,
''Hello'' he heard cheerily ''Fargo Industrial Supply''.
When, what to Earl's wondering eyes should appear,
But Fargo himself wearing cool Fargo gear!

That reliable Fargo, so lively and quick,
Earl thought to himself: ''He's just like St Nick.''
Dismayed at conveyors laying idle and lame
Fargo rallied the troops and called the workers by name:

''Now, David! Now, Donnie! Now, Lonnie and Vixen!
Now, Caroline! Now, Kevin! Now Earl! Get to fixin'!
To the top of the conveyor! To the top of the wall!
Grab some new belts and dash away - dash away all!''

David and Caroline, Kevin and team
Worked together that night like a well oiled machine
Up the conveyor all the workers they flew
With armloads of belts (and some managers helped too).

But then, quite distinctly, Earl heard from the roof:
''We have a problem, a small tiny goof''.
As Earl scratched his head and was turning around,
Down the conveyor Fargo came with a bound.

That cool Fargo outfit matched from head to his foot,
Was now covered (near ruined!) with conveyor belt soot.
But he ran to his truck and like a flash he was back,
He had the new parts and handed them out from his pack.

Fargo spoke not a word, but went straight to the work,
He helped fix those conveyors, then turned with a smirk.
He gave the thumbs up, said ''It's fixed, turn it on! ''
And as the conveyor jumped to life, poof! Fargo was gone.

Earl sprang to his feet, to his team gave a wave
Everyone could go home because Christmas was saved!
Fargo called from his truck, as he drove out of sight:
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!''

Fargo's got a cool tip if you've got the Summertime (Maintenance) Blues.

I recently visited Earl to see what was happening at his place, where I found him standing in the middle of the shop floor, surrounded by a HUGE mess of parts and manuals. He was scratching his head and he was dazed and confused. It was a beautiful summer's day, but Earl's mood was blue.

It seemed that Earl's idea of doing summer maintenance activities was to pile all his spare and used parts onto the shop floor along with the tools, lubricants, and parts manuals and just ''get 'er done'' I explained to Earl that as much as you may hate paperwork, drafting a plan for maintenance activities would save time in the long-run. By keeping a log of your equipment and its condition, you can easily see where your maintenance priorities are and which parts you may need.

Earl agreed to try it my way, so I logged the parts in a book as he cleared them away from the shop floor. By the time we were finished, he had an updated list of his equipment and the parts needed to keep them running smoothly.
Earl was so happy about his progress, he let everyone else know where to find the log in case they wanted to refer to it later.

Contact Fargo Industrial Supply and let us know how we can help you with your summer maintenance activities.

Fargo's New Online Shop Provides Greater Savings.

It's that simple.

Try us online at shop.fargoindustrial.ca

Over-lubricated balls are no laughing matter.

Recently my client, Earl, called me to complain he was having a problem: his balls kept burning out. Shocked, I asked if he was talking about his ball bearings. Earl laughs, and says yes, it is in fact, his ball bearings that are giving him trouble. I ask Earl a few more questions, and determine that he has over-lubricated his ball bearings, and this has caused their premature failure.

Earl's problem, as it turns out, is one of the leading causes of bearing failure. I tell him: you need to think about lubrication in the same way as a marathon runner. A light spray of water will keep your marathoner cool and running at his peak. A pool of water may briefly keep him cool, however, may cause him to eventually overheat and tire out (and perhaps even drown). A ball bearing, like that marathoner, needs moderate lubrication to keep it cool and operating to its maximum; over-lubrication will cause it to overheat and fail.

For Earl, Fargo Industrial Supply suggested an automated lubrication system by SKF. This system automatically feeds a pre-set amount of lubrication into the bearing at a pre-set time - no chance of overfilling, and even less chance of failure!

Contact Fargo Industrial Supply today, and let us help you with all your lubrication needs.

Are your hydraulics bleeding you dry?

A few weeks ago, I filled an order of hydraulic fluid for my client, Earl. But a few weeks after that, he called me again for more of the same fluid. Although I was happy to sell him the second order, I did become concerned that Earl had needed it so quickly.

As it turns out, Earl's problem is not uncommon: a large percentage of hydraulic system failure can be traced to dirty fluids. When breakdowns occur, it can cost the user hassle and money due to lost downtime and lubricant disposal. Clean systems using efficient filtration methods can help protect the hydraulic system while reducing internal liquid friction. In turn, lower friction reduces the internal temperature, resulting in a longer operational life, fewer downtimes, more energy savings and less money out of your pocket. And far fewer headaches for you.

Contact Fargo Industrial Supply today, and let us help you improve your hydraulic system: from permanent filter solutions to portable hydraulic carts, we can help!

Patient: Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do that.

Doctor: Then don't do that.

When I called in to visit Earl recently, he was fretting at his desk. He explained that he had a bronze component on one of his mold machines that he needed to purchase directly from the manufacturer. The problem was he seemed to be constantly replacing it.

Like a doctor diagnosing a patient, I examined the part and then asked to take it away as a sample. A few days later, I found an alternative solution and took it over to Earl's for installation. Earl now reports that the replacement part lasts longer and costs less.

Contact Fargo Industrial Supply today, and let us help find a cure for what's ailing you and your machines. Our prescriptions include saving you money.